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Connecting Church and Labor by Clayton Sinyai

Pope Leo XIII, in the encyclical Rerum Novarum (1891), saw that modern society was dividing into two classes: owners of capital, whose wealth consistently increased, and hired workers, who were pressed toward poverty by highly competitive labor markets.
February 15, 2020/by tac

Contemplation Roots Authentic Revolution by Alex Mikulich

We may miss that this seasonal and societal dark night, so fraught with brokenness in our minds, bodies, and spirits, is God’s milieu of prayer.
February 15, 2020/by tac

From Child Star to Hospital Chaplain by Michael Ford

"One of life’s lessons is that intense pain takes each of us on a highly personal journey—we’re alone with it and have to muddle through in the hope that the sunshine will one day make its way back into our lives."
February 15, 2020/by tac

Small Groups and Social Justice by Claire N. Dale

Opportunities for learning, listening, sharing, and social justice outreach abound in a New Jersey parish.
February 15, 2020/by tac

Breaking Hearts and Breaking Rules by Gene Ciarlo

Can a sociological phenomenon as large as the Roman Catholic Church maintain unity and discipline, a common belief and practice, a collective agreement on teachings and expression of belief, and still remain faithful to the mind and spirit of its founder and center of focus, Jesus the Christ?
February 15, 2020/by tac

Editorial: A Culture of Encounter: On the Pastoral Letters of Bishop Mark Joseph Seitz

In his two recent pastoral letters, the bishop offers a roadmap forward, founded on a culture of encounter, infused with the life of the sacraments, and expressive in the end of charity, justice, and hope.
February 15, 2020/by tac

Changes and Transformations by Rose Marie Dunphy

Even if we feel we feel we have fallen short, while there is breath, there is always a chance to “redo” our life and live it to the fullest.
February 15, 2020/by tac

On Pilgrimage to Jerusalem Part III: Destination: The Holy Sepulchre by Jonathan Parkes Allen

An encounter with the holy works on you, not the other way around. This is especially true when you encounter it alongside other people who are, like yourself, complicated and messy.
August 1, 2019/by tac

On Pilgrimage to Jerusalem: Part II: The Conflict: Outskirts of Jerusalem by Jonathan Parkes Allen

The conflict was far away, and here, at least, we felt as if there were possibilities open beyond merely tracing new permutations in the never-ending struggle.
April 15, 2019/by tac

On Pilgrimage to Jerusalem by Jonathan Parkes Allen

This is the first in a three-part series documenting the author’s…
February 21, 2019/by tac

The Love of One’s Fate by Walker Storz

Even in his opposition to Christianity, Nietzsche’s work contains lessons for Christians.
December 15, 2018/by tac

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