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Chicago Parish Announces the First Conference Dedicated to Peter Maurin, Co-Founder of the Catholic Worker Movement

The conference will take place from September 6 through 8 of this year.
July 8, 2024/by tac

Proximity and Nearness: A Report from Day 3 of the AUSCP Annual Assembly

A keynote from Dr. Kim Harris, Mass celebrated at the historic St. Peter Claver Catholic Church, and a banquet for the 2024 St. John XXIII Award winners rounded out Wednesday's program.
June 26, 2024/by tac

Transformative Processes: A Report from Day 2 of the AUSCP Annual Assembly

A keynote from Fr. Tom Reese and the presentation of a documentary on Teilhard de Chardin were highlights of the second day of the assembly.
June 26, 2024/by tac

“Taken, Blessed, Broken, and Shared”: A Report from Day 1 of the AUSCP Annual Assembly

The opening day of the assembly featured a retreat given by Bishop John Stowe and a keynote from Fr. Michael Driscoll.
June 25, 2024/by tac

Communing with the Community by Gene Ciarlo

Communion time tells a story. It is theology, deep theology, about "Take and eat. This is my body given for you."
June 13, 2024/by tac

Shepherd, Confidant, and Friend by Patricia M. Lazazzaro

Remembering Fr. John J. McGratty, Long Island priest who loved serving his parishioners.
June 11, 2024/by tac

Back from the Brink hosts panel discussion on nuclear abolition by Michael Centore

Archbishop John Wester joined a panel discussion on Annie Jacobsen's latest book, "Nuclear War: A Scenario."
May 31, 2024/by tac

The Man Who Turned Marginalization into a Mission by Mária Dominika Vanková

The inspiring story of Fr. Anton Srholec, the most beloved Catholic priest of Slovakia.
May 21, 2024/by tac

Who We Are by Paul Nyklicek

As we find our way beyond our fear, we will be able to reconnect with who we really are.
May 9, 2024/by tac

A Particular Grace by Michael Ford

Dr. Brendan Cook's vocation "to heal and be healed" has arisen directly out of the wounds of his own childhood trauma.
May 7, 2024/by tac

Immaculate Heart Community president speaks on global collaboration and prophetic witness by Michael Centore

Dr. Sherry Purcell shared her vision of a "community without walls" in a presentation hosted by the UK-based group Root and Branch.
April 25, 2024/by tac

God without the Idea of Evil: Part V—God’s Kindhearted Design by Gregory Casprini, OSB

We conclude Fr. Casprini's series today with a piece that links Christ's parables to the themes of "God without the Idea of Evil."
April 19, 2024/by tac

God without the Idea of Evil: Part IV—Destined from the Foundation of the World by Gregory Casprini, OSB

The latest in this multipart series considers God's "kindhearted design" as glimpsed in the life of the Trinity.
April 15, 2024/by tac

“Real, Real Gone”: A Monk with a Passion for the Blues by Michael Ford

We take a momentary pause in our series on "God without the Idea of Evil" to meet a monk-poet from the Midwest who senses the connection between the Psalms and the blues.
April 11, 2024/by tac

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