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Evaluating the Synod, Part I: The Church Gathers Its People by Gene Ciarlo

In spite of commendable preparatory work for the synod, follow-up is sorely lacking in excitement, inspiration, enlightenment, and awakening prompted by the Spirit of God.
November 26, 2021/by tac

Mixed Messages: Recapping the USCCB Conference

By threatening to politicize the Eucharist, the bishops cast a pall over their recent assembly and amplified the divisions already rending the nation.
November 24, 2021/by tac

See, Judge, Act by John Alonzo Dick

Cardinal Joseph Cardijn's exhortation to "See, Judge, and Act" is a valuable tool for navigating our contemporary world.
November 15, 2021/by tac

Finding the Essential Form by Michael Ford

A portrait of the English sculptor Richard Hooper, who is known for combining theological concepts with precise geometric forms.
November 10, 2021/by tac

You Are a Holy Nation, a Royal Priesthood by Gene Ciarlo

Is it possible to find a thread of Christian humanism in the work of atheist and individualist Ayn Rand?
November 9, 2021/by tac

“Marvellously Human”: On the Spiritual Consequences of COP26 by Michael Centore

To be, in the words of Pope Francis, “marvellously human”—this is what the urgency of the moment demands.
November 4, 2021/by tac

Editorial: A Ministry of Listening: On the Opening of Synod 2023

Synod 2023 is a golden opportunity for laypeople and others to contribute to the life of the church.
October 26, 2021/by tac

Positively Chrystie Street: The Catholic Worker in the Mid-Sixties by Jim Wilson

Memories of the Catholic Worker during a time of great political, social, and cultural change.
September 30, 2021/by tac

Odd Orientem: Concerning the Order and Orientation of the Liturgical Assembly by Michael E. DeSanctis

A vision for a liturgical architecture that amplifies the human dimension of the Eucharist.
September 27, 2021/by tac

Eucharist: An Opportunity for Familial Reception? by Ray Temmerman

The risks and exceptional rewards of receiving Christians from other traditions.
September 20, 2021/by tac

Shannon K. Evans on Rewilding Motherhood

A new book helps mothers to see the challenges of motherhood as an opportunity for a vibrant feminine spirituality and a deeper knowledge of God and self. An excerpt and an interview with the author.
September 13, 2021/by tac

“Kindness and Friendship Are Everything”: A Profile of Eamonn O’Neal by Michael Ford

Lessons from a lifelong Catholic who "sees himself as someone who lives the faith rather than as a person who frets about rules and regulations."
September 9, 2021/by tac

Where Is the Valuable Pearl?: On “Of Human Bondage” by Gene Ciarlo

Revisiting the classic novel through the lens of Christian humanism.
September 8, 2021/by tac

In Defense of Pope Francis and “Traditionis Custodes” by Luke Lauretano

Pope Francis is trying to keep us in the flow, right in the center where we find truth and virtue.
August 26, 2021/by tac

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