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“We Have a Concert!”: An Interview with Sister Lou Ella Hickman, OVISS

Sister Lou Ella Hickman speaks about the experience of having her poetry set to music by the composer James Lee III.
August 4, 2023/by tac

From Solitude to Social Poetry: The Invitation of the Instrumentum Laboris

The working document invites a renewal of the "common Priesthood" and articulates the way of spiritual listening.
July 12, 2023/by tac

Responses to Louis Lavelle’s
“The Act of Loving”: A Call and Response
Part I: Participation in Love
by Wally Swist

Reflections on a previously untranslated work of the French personalist philosopher.
June 30, 2023/by tac

Feminist Prayers for My Daughter
by Shannon K. Evans

Prayers to affirm the unique challenges and natural abilities of women and correct the ways that God is often masculinized at the expense of the feminine.
June 26, 2023/by tac

A Comedian’s Journey from Despair to Hope by Michael Ford

The founder of a UK-based charity overcame crippling depression by helping others access mental health care.
June 22, 2023/by tac

The Spiritual and Psychological Aspects of Aging by Sarah A. Dolan

Notes on navigating the second half of life.
June 21, 2023/by tac

Association of US Catholic Priests Holds Annual Assembly

The organization's annual assembly concludes today in San Diego, California.
June 15, 2023/by tac

A New Opportunity by Ray Temmerman

We are called to look at the fruits of the earth, judge how to relate to those fruits, and act in a way which expresses the stewardship God has given us of his earthly creation.
June 12, 2023/by tac

A Christ for the Checkout Line by Michael E. DeSanctis

Thinking celestially, writing locally: a reflection on meeting the needs of one's neighbors.
June 8, 2023/by tac

Loyola Institute for Ministry and Episcopal Conferences of Eastern Africa Advance the Work of Synodality and Small Christian Communities by Michael Centore

An international gathering of colleagues and collaborators provides signs of hope for the future of the church.
June 1, 2023/by tac

The Millennium of the Spirit by Gene Ciarlo

The work of journey and discovery must somehow, someday, lead to an experience of God, and that is where religion falls away.
May 30, 2023/by tac

Peace Is Starting by Paul Nyklicek

We sought to make a most subversive statement to our present culture: Peace is possible, and war is not inevitable.
May 17, 2023/by tac

A Lifetime of Living the Sacraments by Beverly Brazauskas

As fully initiated members of the church, the adult faith community has the mandate to be a visible sign of sharing the church’s mission.
May 15, 2023/by tac

The Scapegoat Mechanism: Reflections on Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery” by Leonard Engel

Tracking the backstory of an enduring work of American literature.
May 9, 2023/by tac

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