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Adjusting Doctrines as the Church Ministers to the Modern World
by James Magner, MD

In this first in multipart series of essays, a layperson looks at the process of updating Catholic doctrine.
September 13, 2022/by tac

Seeing the Church through the
Webb Telescope by Gene Ciarlo

Incorporating a cosmic perspective into our daily life and rituals.
August 29, 2022/by tac

Doors to the Sacred: Part III—Marriage
by John Alonzo Dick

The third in a multipart series giving an historical, theological, and pastoral overview of the sacraments.
August 26, 2022/by tac

TAC Synodality Week: A Long and Winding Road by Nicole d’Entremont

Stories, not generalities, have power. They give context and reality to our reflections.
August 15, 2022/by tac

TAC Synodality Week: Friendship at the Proximity of Christ by Michael E. DeSanctis

Synodality calls believers to step beyond themselves, even at the risk of rejection, in order to form relationships that might improve not only the church but the world beyond it.
August 15, 2022/by tac

Two Latino Leaders, One Message of Love and Hope by Maribel Landrau, M.A.T.

Saint Oscar Romero and Pope Francis are brothers in their shared commitment to the poor.
August 10, 2022/by tac

The Peace Bishop by William Droel

Revisiting Cardinal Joseph Bernardin's legacy as a conciliatory bishop of peace.
August 3, 2022/by tac

Do We Have It All Wrong? by Ray Temmerman

A simple change to the structure of the liturgy might imbue in us a sense of the essential goodness and beauty which is our created being.
August 1, 2022/by tac

Nigeria’s Catholics Must Reject Calls to Arms by Ray Mwareya

A hastily announced civilian call to arms won’t help ensure the security of Catholics and non-Catholics across Nigeria.
July 28, 2022/by tac

Of Morals and Life by Julie A. Ferraro

As someone who has been on both sides of the adoption process, I may have an understanding about pregnancy that others lack.
July 21, 2022/by tac

The Burdens of Motherhood by Eileen McCafferty DiFranco

I hope that we in America can reach a point where compassion and empathy rather than condemnation and punishment surround women having problem pregnancies.
July 20, 2022/by tac

Summer Reading Series: Leonard Engel on Walker Percy’s “The Moviegoer”

We open our week-long Summer Reading Series with a close reading of Walker Percy's classic novel.
July 11, 2022/by tac

The Inner Light: On Orthodoxy and Gnosticism by Gene Ciarlo

The Gnostic emphasis on personal enlightenment challenged the power structures of the early church. Is there something in this for us today?
July 7, 2022/by tac

Doors to the Sacred: Part II—The Eucharist by John Alonzo Dick

The second in a multipart series giving an historical, theological, and pastoral overview of the sacraments.
July 5, 2022/by tac

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