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God without the Idea of Evil: Part III—The Twofold Gaze of the Lord by Gregory Casprini, OSB

The third installment of this multipart series considers the relationship between human freedom and original sin.
April 10, 2024/by tac

God without the Idea of Evil: Part II—The Goodness of Human Freedom by Gregory Casprini, OSB

We continue our multipart series exploring the idea of a God who "cannot comprehend" the evil in the world.
April 9, 2024/by tac

God without the Idea of Evil: Part I—The Origins of a Translation by Gregory Casprini, OSB

The first in a multipart series that explores the idea of a God who simply "cannot comprehend" the evil in the world.
April 8, 2024/by tac

“An Important Step Forward”: An Interview with Phyllis Zagano

The author and theologian speaks about the Synod's approach to the permanent diaconate of women.
March 27, 2024/by tac

Synod delegate reflects on “courageous” discussions at October assembly by Michael Centore

Helena Jeppesen-Spuhler, delegate from Switzerland, spoke about her experience at an event hosted by Catholic Church Reform International.
March 27, 2024/by tac

Is the Church Ready for Radical Simplicity? by Gene Ciarlo

The bywords for the rest of the Synod should be radical simplicity, and a place for everyone according to their gifts and charisms.
March 18, 2024/by tac

The Mystical Camino by O’Neill D’Cruz

Every faith tradition offers models and metaphors for the Way, rooted in both mystical and cultural contexts and expressed in archetypal and physical symbols.
March 6, 2024/by tac

Armenian Americans feel the violent struggles of their homeland from across the world by Megan K. Brush and Dr. Sarita Melkon Maldjian

Haunted by memories of the 1915 genocide, Armenian Americans are distressed by the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh.
March 5, 2024/by tac

“A Listening Church in a Divided Nation” facilitates intergenerational dialogue by Michael Centore

The February 28 event brought Cardinal Wilton Gregory into conversation with several young Catholics.
February 29, 2024/by tac

Youth Participation in Small Christian Communities in Tanzania: Insights and Recommendations by Jesca D. Massawe and James Alex Mhangwa

Despite having one of the fastest-growing populations of young people in the world, youth participation in Tanzania's small Christian communities was declining. Two SCC participants set out to discover why.
February 26, 2024/by tac

Association of US Catholic Priests hosts event on Synodality, co-responsibility, and women’s participation in the church by Michael Centore

The February 7 event featured insights from Synod delegates, church leaders, and others who have participated in the public activities of the Synod.
February 8, 2024/by tac

Synodal Discernment and Women in the Diaconate by Phyllis Zagano

To argue against restoring women to the diaconate is to argue against diaconal ministry itself.
January 30, 2024/by tac

Ever-Present Everywhere by Ray Temmerman

The action of breaking bread causes a sudden recognition of Christ's presence, a presence that was there all along.
January 23, 2024/by tac

Similarity-in-Difference: Amanda D. Quantz on Interspirituality, Radical Hospitality, and the Ministry of Presence

A video interview with the author on her book "Radical Hospitality for a Prophetic Church" is accompanied by a brief excerpt.
January 12, 2024/by tac

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