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Responses to Louis Lavelle’s
“The Act of Loving”: A Call and Response
Part II: The Preservation of Univocity
by Wally Swist

"What I believe Lavelle is guiding us to here is really the sacrifice of Christ. Christ’s sacrifice on the cross is really our own as well, and not just metaphorically speaking."
November 3, 2023/by tac

“Todo el Mundo”: A Report from St. Peter’s Square by Peggy Schenk

Voices from St. Peter's Square offer their thoughts on Pope Francis and the Synod.
November 2, 2023/by tac

The Rhythm of Creation by Michael Ford

A visit with the poet, contemplative, and animal-rights activist Lynne Chitty puts the author in touch with the spirit of Saint Francis.
October 4, 2023/by tac

The Pace of Rome, the Peace of Ireland by Julie A. Ferraro

A report from the Fifth World Congress of Benedictine Oblates, held last month in Rome.
October 2, 2023/by tac

Welcoming the Stranger by Nancy Enright

We must use the Scriptures to inform our thinking, our actions, and our policies about immigration.
September 28, 2023/by tac

From Conflict to Conversation by Fr. Louis Arceneaux, C.M.

We need to acknowledge the complexity of the many interrelated issues involved in discussing abortion.
September 25, 2023/by tac

“We Need to Talk about Human Rights”: An Interview with Nate Tinner-Williams

The editor of Black Catholic Messenger speaks to us about his involvement in Spirit Unbounded's "Human Rights in the Emerging Catholic Church" event coinciding with the Synod in October.
September 22, 2023/by tac

St. Francis’s Road: Words about the Word by Gene Ciarlo

The becoming of the Christian is to learn about that uncommon road, the one that is not taken by the rest of the world.
September 18, 2023/by tac

A Sense of Belonging: On the Importance of SCCs for Young Seekers by Kristiana Aurel and Alloys Nyakundi

Reflections from members of the international Online Young Adult Seekers Small Christian Community on how SCCs have shaped their spiritual development.
September 16, 2023/by tac

Time for the Pro-Life Movement to Address Immigration by Colleen Shaddox

It is shocking that every parish in the country is not in some way acting to protect the vulnerable children of God who seek entrance into this country.
September 12, 2023/by tac

Pastor Inspired by 9/11 Legend
by Michael Ford

Remembering the Franciscan friar Fr. Mychal Judge, the first recorded victim of the 9/11 attacks and pioneer in the area of AIDS ministry.
September 11, 2023/by tac

Defining Social Justice by William Droel

With a better appreciation for the definition of social justice, more good works might be accomplished.
September 5, 2023/by tac

Logo(s)-Therapy: The Case for Grace by O’Neill D’Cruz

Charting a path of spiritual healing from Victor Frankl to John the Evangelist.
August 18, 2023/by tac

A Transatlantic Politician
with a Catholic Heart
by Michael Ford

Remembering Shirley Williams, who believed that politics was about addressing endless moral questions.
August 16, 2023/by tac

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