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Jesus: The Heart of Catholic Faith
by Thomas Groome

The old catechisms were far stronger on the Christ of faith than the Jesus of history. We badly need both for a whole Christian faith.
January 3, 2023/by tac

AUSCP calls for assault weapons ban

In a recent statement, the priests' association advocated for a renewal of "our moral responsibility for shaping a culture of life."
December 23, 2022/by tac

The Irish Broadcaster
with a Deep Catholic Faith
by Michael Ford

Eamonn Andrews's spirituality wove itself in and out of ordinary life, in the Celtic sense of there being a thin line between heaven and earth.
December 22, 2022/by tac

Daniel Berrigan on Thomas Merton

A transcript of a talk given at the Thomas Merton Life Center in New York on January 28, 1973.
December 19, 2022/by tac

A Sustainable and Sustaining Peace:
Roger B. Alfani on the Work of
Religious Peacebuilding

Dr. Roger B. Alfani discusses his book "Religious Peacebuilding in the Democratic Republic of the Congo" in a video interview.
December 13, 2022/by tac

What Has Chess to Do with the Spiritual Journey? by O’Neill D’Cruz

Of Jesus and Buddha, rooks, pawns, and kings.
December 9, 2022/by tac

To Choose or Be Chosen by Gene Ciarlo

Chaim Potok's novel weighs the value of religion in our contemporary age.
December 7, 2022/by tac

Doors to the Sacred: Part V—Ordination
by John Alonzo Dick

The fifth in a multipart series giving an historical, theological, and pastoral overview of the sacraments.
December 1, 2022/by tac

A Father’s Love and Longing
by Michael E. DeSanctis

On learning to let go as children mature into adulthood.
November 21, 2022/by tac

Awake Milwaukee presents “Courageous Conversation” on the role of racism in the abuse crisis

Thursday's presentation was the first of a two-part event on the relationship between racism and the abuse crisis.
November 14, 2022/by tac

Spiritual Awakening on the Holy Mountain
by Michael Ford

At St. Christopher’s Inn in Garrison, New York, the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement help men seeking rehabilitation from addiction.
November 11, 2022/by tac

Voice of the Faithful celebrates 20-year anniversary

A report from the 20th anniversary commemoration of Voice of the Faithful, held in Newton, Massachusetts, on October 29.
November 7, 2022/by tac

The Obedience of Adam and Eve
by O’Neill D’Cruz

A cosmocentric interpretation of the Garden of Eden, informed by deep etymological study.
November 4, 2022/by tac

AUSCP signs letter to President Biden: Avoid Nuclear War

The letter was originated by the Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns, and has been signed by 29 national Catholic organizations.
November 1, 2022/by tac

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