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“A Sublime International”: The Life and Work of Léon Chaine by Gregory Fox

Rediscovering a little-known liberal Catholic of early 20th-century France who spoke out against antisemitism, militarism, and nationalism.
April 27, 2022/by tac

Doors to the Sacred: Introduction—Themes of the Sacraments by John Alonzo Dick

The first in our multipart series on the sacraments, introducing some key concepts and ideas.
April 25, 2022/by tac

The World I’ll Inherit: Climate Change and the Laudato Si’ Action Platform by Julia Gerwe

For this ecological sustainability volunteer with the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, the Laudato Si' Action Platform provides hope in an urgent time.
April 22, 2022/by tac

The Peoples Synod: Plan and Processes by Janet W. Hauter

Our synodal process is a simple one: prayer, dialogue, and debate.
April 20, 2022/by tac

New Notions of the Spiritual Life by Gene Ciarlo

True religious life is reflective, sensitive, and not blindsided by the negative elements that barnacle our continually developing personhood.
April 13, 2022/by tac

The Ukrainian War in Liturgy and Prayer by Daniel J. Goodey

It is imperative that in times of great conflict the prayers of the faithful are lifted in unison for peace and justice.
April 6, 2022/by tac

Love Proposed from Below: Recovering the Russian Orthodox Tradition of Peace

Praying that Patriarch Kirill turns to the treasures of his spiritual tradition rather than the false god of nationalism.
March 25, 2022/by tac

A Dance, a Drama, and an Action by William Droel

Suggestions for improving a Catholic’s appreciation for the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist.
March 24, 2022/by tac

Visions of Daniel by James Magner

A Lenten reflection on the book of Daniel inspires a work of fiction.
March 23, 2022/by tac

A Modern-Day “Moby Dick” by Leonard Engel

Charlotte McConaghy's latest novel builds on the themes of Melville's classic to create a quest tale for our time.
March 22, 2022/by tac

Introducing . . . The Peoples Synod by Janet W. Hauter

The Association for the Rights of Catholics in the Church announces its new synodal plan.
March 15, 2022/by tac

“Our Souls Are Destroyed but We Still Pray and Hope”: A Report on Relief Efforts for Ukraine by Michael Ford

A Ukrainian couple coordinates relief efforts from their home in rural England.
March 11, 2022/by tac

Editorial: “A New Covenant of Nonviolence”: On Archbishop John C. Wester and the Work of Nuclear Disarmament

The archbishop's pastoral letter makes an impassioned case for rebuilding the structures of peace.
March 9, 2022/by tac

Simplifying the Formula: A Note on the Validity of Baptisms

Sorting through the controversy caused by a shift in a single pronoun.
February 23, 2022/by tac

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