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Love, Hope, and “Adelante!”: An Open Letter to the Church on the Diaconate for Women

Why did you ask us to discern restoring women to the diaconate synodally if you were not willing to allow the Holy Spirit time to move?
May 23, 2024/by tac

Two Poems By Salvador Espriu
Translated by Andrew Kaufman
and Antonio Cortijo Ocaña

"in peace, in the tranquil / rooms of my dreams, / your mercy will welcome me . . ."
May 20, 2024/by tac

No Need to Argue by Julie A. Ferraro

Who ends up suffering, after all? The children, the poor, all made homeless as buildings are reduced to rubble.
May 1, 2024/by tac

Mystery and Simplicity by Michael Centore

A reflection on the readings for the Fourth Sunday of Easter, inspired by our TAC small Christian community gatherings.
April 18, 2024/by tac

The Mystical Community by O’Neill D’Cruz

How do mystics find the spiritual resources and resilience to love and care for a world that often misunderstands them?
April 18, 2024/by tac

Seeking the Authentic Self by Julie A. Ferraro

If being a sinner is the rationale for denying someone a blessing, then none of us should receive one.
April 16, 2024/by tac

“A Letter Is a Joy of Earth”: Selected Correspondence from Judith Valente and Brother Paul Quenon’s “How to Be”

A Trappist monk and a journalist rediscover the lost art of letter-writing as a spiritual practice.
April 3, 2024/by tac

Hidden Under the Whole of Life: Synodality and Liturgy by Michael Centore

When the church calls for liturgical renewal, what it seems to be seeking is a reexperience of the livingness, of the “life-itselfness” of the Eucharist.
March 29, 2024/by tac

Experience Counts by William Droel

An accumulation of experience combined with sustained reflection improves our understanding of God’s truth.
March 25, 2024/by tac

Departure, Encounter, and Return: A Lenten Meditation by Fran Salone-Pelletier

Lent is a gift of time set aside to ponder who we really are.
March 13, 2024/by tac

When I Listen: My Experience as a Spiritual Director by Sister Lou Ella Hickman, OVISS

The real spiritual director is the Holy Spirit, and my personal agenda, no matter how holy, would only get in the way.
February 20, 2024/by tac

A Poem by Božena Tesárová

"Cover me / with a coat of hope, / as the grain grows heavier / in the time of ripening."
February 16, 2024/by tac

A Divine Schedule by Fran Salone-Pelletier

Learning to heed God's call, even in moments of inconvenience or interruption.
February 1, 2024/by tac

Which Voice Will You Listen To? by Bob Saraceni

A reflection on the gospel reading for 4th Sunday of Year B in the lectionary cycle.
January 26, 2024/by tac

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