Category: Reflections

Susannah’s Story by Fran Salone-Pelletier

"It is as if it happened yesterday, the memory is so vivid in my mind and heart." A tale for Pentecost.
May 29, 2023/by tac

Two Poems by O’Neill D’Cruz

"May the seed of your Sacred Spirit / Bear fruit as care for each other"
May 26, 2023/by tac

What Would a “Christian Nation” Look Like? by William John Fitzgerald

No nation can equate itself with “the kingdom of God” as proclaimed by Jesus.
May 24, 2023/by tac

Insubstantial Wages by William Droel

A fair and living wage is a cornerstone of Catholic social doctrine.
May 22, 2023/by tac

Moving On Up by Fran Salone-Pelletier

The power of ascendancy lies within us as inspirited human beings—people endowed with and baptized into the indomitable Holy Spirit of God.
May 18, 2023/by tac

Divine Mercy Is a Human Necessity by Fran Salone-Pelletier

"We do pray for mercy, / And that same prayer doth teach us all to render / The deeds of mercy." A reflection for Divine Mercy Sunday on April 16.
April 14, 2023/by tac

A Parable for Palm Sunday
by Fran Salone-Pelletier

He had won them by bathing them in a love they could not resist—not by blasting them with power they would resent.
March 31, 2023/by tac

Clerical Abusers Are Not above the Law
by Julie A. Ferraro

Secrets must no longer be swept under the rug in the guise of divine forgiveness.
March 29, 2023/by tac

A Trinitarian Encounter
by Fran Salone-Pelletier

That day, in that exchange of life, I heard God reminding me that loss brings gain.
March 28, 2023/by tac

Two Poems By Salvador Espriu
Translated by Andrew Kaufman
and Antonio Cortijo Ocaña

"From an old shade of silver / I would like / my verses to be formed . . ."
March 17, 2023/by tac

Pontifical Politics by Roger Karny

Continuing the conversation on David Kertzer's "The Pope at War."
March 13, 2023/by tac

Much-Needed Healing . . . and Accountability by Julie A. Ferraro

We need practical action to help heal indigenous communities with enduring wounds. Active listening is a start.
February 28, 2023/by tac

The Water of Forgiveness through the Still-Frozen Ground by Michael Ford

A Lenten meditation on the healing power of forgiveness.
February 27, 2023/by tac

Two Poems of Centering and Memory

"In the stillness of my being / I bow with deepened breath..."
February 17, 2023/by tac

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