Category: Reflections

Seeing Through the Eyes of God
by Julie A. Ferraro

The church is finally confronting sins of racism in its past. But much more personal and institutional transformation still needs to occur.
August 24, 2022/by tac

Contemplative First, Writer Second
by Richard Lehan

A creative vision arises from truly beholding whatever lies before you, untainted by the impulse to consume it as writing “material.”
August 22, 2022/by tac

TAC Synodality Week: The Roots of Disillusionment by Anne Kerrigan

I hope I’m wrong, but my past experience with the plans for a synod has made me cynical of such a process.
August 15, 2022/by tac

A Poem by Andrew Kaufman

"Three Tutsis survived, / says a plaque near the church / in Kibuye."
August 12, 2022/by tac

Hope Is Always Ahead, Never Behind: Reflections at 90 by William John Fitzgerald

Looking back serves nostalgia, but when we look ahead, we search for signals of hope.
August 11, 2022/by tac

Light of Tabor: A Transfiguration Meditation by Michael Centore

Fire on the mountain: a meditation for the Feast of the Transfiguration on August 6.
August 4, 2022/by tac

The Butterfly Effect by Fran Salone-Pelletier

Be it rising prices or lowered expectations, there is an assault on our desire and need for deep peace.
July 27, 2022/by tac

Two Poems by Walker Storz

"The past is not the / past, time is not a / line, but a / Twisted juniper tree"
July 22, 2022/by tac

Two Poems by John Zedolik

". . . flesh sharing / in the day that cracked as well / and carries its hour into this entropy . . ."
July 8, 2022/by tac

A Poem by Wally Swist

"before the range / of small mountains lush with the greens of summer / cast their shadows in the rain light . . ."
July 1, 2022/by tac

Corruptions of the Heart by Nancy Enright

What can the work of J. R. R. Tolkien teach us about gun violence?
June 29, 2022/by tac

On Being Seriously Free, Not Stubbornly Liberal by Fran Salone-Pelletier

A reflection on two experiences of synodal listening. "It was here, in this room, at this time, that we were one."
June 16, 2022/by tac

There Is No Godly Justification for Guns by Julie A. Ferraro

Any Catholic who currently owns firearms should turn them in to law enforcement to be destroyed.
June 14, 2022/by tac

Race and the Fall by Pieter Dykhorst

We must unravel the “otherism” at the core of human nature that infects all relations and from which racism springs.
June 1, 2022/by tac

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