Category: Reflections

A Poem by Gerard Garrigan, OSB

"That river that was within you and through, / And through you that river there did still pulse . . ."
May 27, 2022/by tac

A Prayer for Graduates by Julie A. Ferraro

Remember: It takes more than the outer forms of religion to heal the divisions of our society and bring justice to the oppressed.
May 27, 2022/by tac

Two Poems by Marjorie Power

"I catch light, here between /
dwelling places, each with its name. . . ."
May 27, 2022/by tac

Mere Survival: Notes on an Enduring Illness by Walker Storz

"It is unnerving to realize how quickly one can adapt to this, to accept sleepwalking rapidly through highlight reels of weeks, then months, then years."
May 22, 2022/by tac

Time and Materials by William Droel

Does a spiritual motivation lurk “in the gears of modern routine”?
May 13, 2022/by tac

A Mother’s Day Benediction by Anne Kerrigan

Mother's Day is an opportunity to acknowledge all those who serve children in communities throughout the world.
May 6, 2022/by tac

Easter and the Incarnation by William Droel

To stay attuned to the eternal joy of Easter requires the simplicity and patience of the first witnesses in Bethlehem.
April 18, 2022/by tac

Finding Ourselves in the Passion Narrative by Fran Salone-Pelletier

I begin to see that I am not simply one of the many persons who are present at this singularly transformative crossroads. At one moment or another, I am all of them.
April 11, 2022/by tac

Two Poems by Giuseppe Ungaretti / Translated from the Italian by Wally Swist

"O homeland your every age / awakens in my blood . . ."
April 8, 2022/by tac

A Poem by Kathryn Sadakierski

"Intricate as the patterns etched in a leaf, / Calm and comforting as the sea . . ."
April 1, 2022/by tac

Solidarity with Catholic Charities and Sr. Norma Pimentel

An ill-advised lawsuit is once again trying to criminalize humanitarian aid.
March 1, 2022/by tac

Two Memories by Gerard Garrigan, OSB

"Josef had somehow come by one lens from a broken set of eyeglasses and a tattered paperback Ukrainian-English Bible. . . ."
February 25, 2022/by tac

Naïveté by Anne Kerrigan

I listen to the powers that be with much more caution. I trust my own judgment, my own conscience, my own relationship with God.
February 16, 2022/by tac

Sacred Simplicity by Edward R. Burns

A reflection on three interlinking pre-Lenten themes: prayer, mission, and becoming a healing presence to others.
February 15, 2022/by tac

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