Category: Reviews

A Deeper Communion by Julie A. Ferraro

A new collection of meditations by Fr. Timothy Radcliffe reflect on the spirituality of synodality.
March 20, 2024/by tac

Reintegrations by Douglas C. MacLeod Jr.

Anna Gazmarian's new memoir destigmatizes mental health and shows the necessity of wedding spiritual- and scientifically based treatment.
March 8, 2024/by tac

Your Faith Has Restored You by Amy Nicholson

In her latest book, author Amy Julia Becker shares her journey of healing through a close reading of two key episodes in Mark's Gospel.
February 22, 2024/by tac

Notes from a State of Exception: On Agnieszka Holland’s “Green Border” by Jeannine M. Pitas

The new film by the iconic Polish director seeks to remind us of a simple truth: people who migrate are fleeing terrible situations.
February 16, 2024/by tac

Power Differentials by Nicole d’Entremont

A healthy strain of Catholicism runs through Alice McDermott's latest novel.
February 6, 2024/by tac

Histories of Holy Poverty by Julie A. Ferraro

A new book serves as "a foundational overview of the Franciscan story."
February 2, 2024/by tac

Great Expectations by Julie A. Ferraro

A new book that collects writings by Pope Francis on the Feast of the Nativity makes for perfect Advent reading.
December 4, 2023/by tac

Wings of Desire by Frank Freeman

A new volume collecting Hermann Hesse's assorted writings on butterflies shows them as objects of wonder.
November 20, 2023/by tac

Diamonds and Rust by Chris Byrd

A new documentary on the singer and activist Joan Baez takes a psychological approach to her life and work.
November 6, 2023/by tac

Schools of Holiness by Kathryn Sadakierski

A new translation of the Regulations of the Ursuline nuns reveals theories of education far ahead of their time.
September 7, 2023/by tac

Reading without Words by Nicole d’Entremont

A "wordless picture book for adults" tells the story of a struggle with depression.
August 29, 2023/by tac

Something Sacred Defiled: The Ecological Ethics of “First Reformed” by Walker Storz

A meditation on religion and environmental illness, inspired by a viewing of the 2018 film.
August 9, 2023/by tac

Threshold Questions by Richard Lehan

A recent novel by a Spanish priest depicts the desert as a place of encounter with God.
August 4, 2023/by tac

A Rhythm Runs Through It by Kathryn Sadakierski

Angela Alaimo O’Donnell’s poetic conception of “holy land” is a place unbounded by latitude and longitude, encompassing a beatific vision of home.
July 28, 2023/by tac

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