Category: Reviews

Becoming All Flame by Frank Freeman

An in-depth look at the new biography of D. H. Lawrence and his lifelong spiritual quest.
October 22, 2021/by tac

Remembrance Institutions by William Droel

The Irish Catholic church attempts to confront the abuse scandals of its past, with lessons for American Catholics.
October 11, 2021/by tac

In the Vineyard of the Text by Adam Fleming Petty

Nick Ripatrazone's "Longing for an Absent God" is a deft critical assessment of Catholic American fiction from the era of Vatican II through the present day.
October 5, 2021/by tac

Organizing Principles by Nicholas Hayes-Mota

A new community organizing anthology embodies the just politics of the common good for which Pope Francis is calling.
September 15, 2021/by tac

A Process of Discernment by Joe Pagetta

A book of conversations with the 31st Superior General of the Society of Jesus shows the ways that faith is an active choice.
September 6, 2021/by tac

Speaking with Saint Hildegard by Nathaniel M. Campbell

A new work on Saint Hildegard intertwines the author's experience with the teachings of the Visionary Doctor.
August 30, 2021/by tac

Listen!! A Lamentation and a Plea After Reading Olga M. Segura’s “Birth of a Movement: Black Lives Matter and the Catholic Church” by Rosalie G. Riegle

An impassioned response to an impassioned new book that renews the call to racial justice within the Catholic Church.
July 23, 2021/by tac

Summer Reading Series: Michael Centore on Pete Davis’s “Dedicated”

A new book on the joys, challenges, and rewards of sustained engagement.
June 11, 2021/by tac

Summer Reading Series: Amy Nicholson on the Life and Work of Philip Britts

Lessons in intentional community from a leader of the Bruderhof movement.
June 8, 2021/by tac

Summer Reading Series: Amy Nicholson on Linda Kopec’s “Cancer Gifts”

A memoir of overcoming cancer helps readers process their own fears and anxieties.
June 8, 2021/by tac

Summer Reading Series: Frank Freeman on Thomas Lynch’s “Bone Rosary”

A new collection from the poet and retired undertaker address family history, cosmic spirituality, and the connections between the living and the dead. The first installment in this week's Summer Reading Series.
June 7, 2021/by tac

The Catholic Agnostic by Frank Freeman

A fascinating new biography of the novelist "who happened to be a Catholic," featuring a Q&A with author Richard Greene.
May 27, 2021/by tac

Converted to the Gospel by Rosalie G. Riegle

A retired Methodist pastor chronicles his long friendship with Father Daniel Berrigan.
May 21, 2021/by tac

Peace in Troubled Times by Amy Nicholson

A book from 2013 finds new relevance in a post-pandemic age.
May 6, 2021/by tac

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