Featured Poets Week: Fran Salone-Pelletier

Summer’s Roar

Roaring thunder demands attention
     commands consideration
     as croaking tree frogs protest
     and a solitary bird sounds
     attentiveness as sharp and swift
     as lightning’s flashing presence

I sit in the broken silence
     while dawn breaks sunlessly
     offering a uniquely quiet light
     speaking peace strangely
     and the skies thunder complaint
     to a deafened universe

The chiaroscuro is intriguing
     light dancing with darkness
     in an unending duet
     fear facing faith
     earth trembling anxiously
     and rain pelting ceaselessly

Summer sounds her roaring entrance
     I sit attentive and connected
     knowing and not knowing
     seeing and sightless
     warring for peace
     yet strangely comforted

In the roaring silence of summer sounds

Fran Salone-Pelletier holds a master’s degree in theology. She is the author of a trilogy of scriptural meditations, Awakening to God: The Sunday Readings in Our Lives, as well as a religious educator, retreat leader, lecturer, and grandmother of four. She can be reached at hope5@atmc.net.

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