New group focused on “supporting the embrace of synodality” in US church

On Friday, the Pentecost Vigil Project, Inc. (PVP) of North Chesterfield, Virginia, announced the re-emergence of its nonprofit organization.

Describing itself as “dedicated to unleashing the Spirit of synodality in the Catholic Church in the United States,” PVP was an active participant in the Diocesan Phase of the Synod on Synodality. The group held listening sessions and provided tools and resources to assist dioceses, parishes, and all the People of God with the synodal mission of faith, dialogue, and listening. PVP also participated in the USCCB’s “Region XVI” reporting for the Synod’s Continental Phase.

PVP identifies its “entire mission” as “the embrace of synodality.” The organization serves as a clearinghouse for materials on the Synod on Synodality and a “meeting place” or “digital ‘living room’” for synod pilgrims in all stages of their journeys.

“PVP’s work centers on creating a digital platform to connect those already on the synod journey, to provide resources to assist parishes, dioceses and organizations adopt synodal practices, and to be part of those who are answering the call for formation in synodality,” the group states.

PVP has partnered with the Pastoral Center to produce an adult faith-formation model based on synodal listening circles. Called Christ Present in the Eucharist, it ties to the Eucharistic Revival. PVP has also completed a blog series on “Foundations for Synodality.”

Debbie Stollery, PVP’s co-founder and president, says, “We believe we are a ground-breaking organization, focusing only on supporting the embrace of synodality. PVP is dedicated to Pope Francis’ vision of synodality as the way forward for the Church in the Third Millennium and so wants to be a one-stop-shop for American Catholic individuals and organizations to ponder, prepare and practice synodality.”

Those looking for companions on the synodal journey, or resources to practice modeling synodality in leadership and outlook, should consult the organization’s website to learn more. PVP has also joined as a “Companion on the Road” with Spirit Unbounded, the growing global reform network launched by the UK organization Root & Branch last month. TAC is a fellow “Companion on the Road” with Spirit Unbounded.

As the synodal journey continues in the lead-up to the XVI Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops in Rome this October, PVP staff “remains astonished at the many ways the Holy Spirit has been in charge of creating the Team, giving new missions and energizing creativity.” ♦

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