Two Poems by O’Neill D’Cruz

Cry in the Rain No More

Too careworn to complain
Too exhausted to explain
Earth to heaven offers the pain
And her tears come down as rain
(Is that why we hide our pain
And cry alone only in the rain?)

When clouds bearing all pain go
The sun behind them appears
The soul would have no rainbow
If the eyes had no tears

Heavenly Father, Earthly Mother
In every human son and daughter
May the seed of your Sacred Spirit
Bear fruit as care for each other
(May we no longer hide our pain
And cry alone only in the rain)

To be human is to be kind
So just be kind humankind
To all in deed word and mind
May Earth be Eden to every kind!

Haiku (Mother’s Day)

Word is made flesh
Even God becomes human
By a Mother’s Yes!

O’Neill D’Cruz retired once from academic clinical practice as a pediatrician and neurologist, a second time from the neuro-therapeutics industry, and now spends his time caring, coaching, and consulting from his home in North Carolina, known locally as the “Southern Part of Heaven.” He is a wounded healer who works to heal the wounded, in order that All Shall Be Well.

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