A Trinitarian Encounter
by Fran Salone-Pelletier

That day, in that exchange of life, I heard God reminding me that loss brings gain.

Mass Media by William Droel

How digital communication is changing our experience of liturgical and parish life.

Two Poems By Salvador Espriu
Translated by Andrew Kaufman
and Antonio Cortijo Ocaña

"From an old shade of silver / I would like / my verses to be formed . . ."

Pontifical Politics by Roger Karny

Continuing the conversation on David Kertzer's "The Pope at War."

Much-Needed Healing . . . and Accountability by Julie A. Ferraro

We need practical action to help heal indigenous communities with enduring wounds. Active listening is a start.

The Water of Forgiveness through the Still-Frozen Ground by Michael Ford

A Lenten meditation on the healing power of forgiveness.

Two Poems of Centering and Memory

"In the stillness of my being / I bow with deepened breath..."

America’s Original Sin: Opportunity for Metanoia by O’Neill D’Cruz

Praying the rosary as anti-racist practice.

Transforming Responsive Caregiving
into Seeds of God
by Wally Swist

Responsive caregiving opens the heart, and when the heart opens, compassion is emitted in astounding ways.

Restorative Justice by Julie A. Ferraro

If God does not abandon us when we make mistakes, we should not abandon others because of theirs.