Two Poems of Centering and Memory

A Labyrinth Prayer

By Fran Salone-Pelletier

In the stillness of my being
I bow with deepened breath
to the God centered in me
the I AM in who I am
together we begin
on the outer boundaries
of joy and pain,
knowing and unknowing
laughter and tears
together we pace
careful steps, staying within
gazing without
we tread our way
lightly, gently, slowly
turning into surprises
twisting into stretching
touching without reaching
until . . .
there is a touching reach—
the centeredness
of Trinity Love
found in journeying inward
begun from outer edges
a touching reach
daring the permanence
of impermanence
to stay is to leave
in the I am who I am

Fran Salone-Pelletier holds a master’s degree in theology. She is the author of a trilogy of scriptural meditations, Awakening to God: The Sunday Readings in Our Lives, from which this selection is taken. She is also a religious educator, retreat leader, lecturer, and grandmother of four. Reach her at

Garvey Over to Kessen

By Fr. Gerard Garrigan

Garvey over to Kessen back to Garrigan
Up to Garvey and then right round again
Triangulating down the field
With Garvey finally crossing to Marxkors
Who’d pivot like a top
As no one I’d ever seen
Or to Bowman who’d perfected flopping
To the finest of all fine arts
Who’d purloin another penalty kick
Those days though many, many years ago
Are not in fact all gone
They live today and will as long
As my memory still is strong

Gerard Garrigan, OSB is a Benedictine monk of Saint Louis Abbey in St. Louis, Missouri. Free digital copies of his poetry may be obtained by emailing him at

Banner image: Quino Al / Unsplash. Team image courtesy Fr. Gerard Garrigan.

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