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Jesus Is Waiting by Colleen Shaddox

Jesus issued a clear antipoverty directive more than 2,000 years ago. It is time for us to enact it.
August 25, 2021/by tac

Hope for the Church(es): Listening to Young People in an Age of Linguistic Dynamism by Ray Temmerman

The need to develop, listen to, and learn from new languages to speak of ancient mysteries is critical to the church's mission.
August 12, 2021/by tac

Building a Resilient Parish by Kate Oczypok

Lessons from a parish celebrating its 60-year anniversary.
August 10, 2021/by tac

An Appeal to Abolition by Chris Byrd

The Biden administration must fulfill its promise to hasten the end of capital punishment.
August 6, 2021/by tac

Our Screens Will Not Save Us by Marcus Mescher

Spiritual and moral maturity requires becoming more tuned in to how our screens affect our thoughts, feelings, and actions—as well as those of others.
July 21, 2021/by tac

Thomas Merton’s Journey to Dharamsala by Michael Ford

A lifelong artistic, spiritual, and interfaith search culminated in Merton's meeting with the Dalai Lama.
July 16, 2021/by tac

Care for Our Common Home Means Keeping a Close Watch on Carbon Offsets by Ray Mwareya and Nyasha Bhobo

The booming business in carbon offsets merits close scrutiny for climate-minded Catholics.
July 12, 2021/by tac

Editorial: “From the Exterior to the Interior”: On the USCCB and the Controversy of Eucharistic Consistency

In this time of controversy, a text from the Preacher to the Papal Household can help recall us to the mystic and salvific origins of the Eucharist.
June 25, 2021/by tac

Can We Call God “Mother”? Julian of Norwich Says Yes by Shannon K. Evans

There is nothing intrinsically wrong with a male portrayal of God. But there is much that is wrong with making all other portrayals impermissible.
June 23, 2021/by tac

Crossing the Red-Blue Political Divide Starts at Home by Jeannine Pitas

Finding common ground in a time of political and social divide, starting with our personal relationships.
June 15, 2021/by tac

Summer Reading Series: Gene Ciarlo on “A Farewell to Arms”

Revisiting an American classic through the lens of Christian humanism.
June 9, 2021/by tac

A Provocation for Change: Reimagining the Parish Community with Eileen McCafferty DiFranco by Michael Centore

The author, activist, and pastor shares her vision for the future of the Catholic Church, along with an excerpt from her book.
June 4, 2021/by tac

Time for Your City Council to Urge Our Government to Ban the Bomb by Patrick Henry

It is the right time for American cities to demand that their government work toward nuclear disarmament.
May 21, 2021/by tac

The Priest and the Iconographer: A Portrait of William Hart McNichols by Michael Ford

For this remarkably gifted, gently spoken, and profoundly sensitive iconographer, holiness clearly manifests itself in many different guises.
May 15, 2021/by tac

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