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Wresting for Light: A Note on Police Violence by Jermaine Woodard Jr.

A personal appeal for empathy, solidarity, and change.
July 9, 2020/by tac

The Collapse of Time by Anne Kerrigan

The way that time seemed to morph, collapse, fall in on itself makes it hard to recall specifics. All I know is that it was a horrific experience, a personal nightmare which has been shared by so many others around the world.
May 15, 2020/by tac

A Microcosm of Covid-19’s Impact on America’s Poorest by Jamie Manson

This pandemic has laid bare the shocking inferiorities of so many systems in our country: the fragility of our social safety net, our gutted public health system, our stark economic inequalities that are often the result of systemic racism and xenophobia.
May 15, 2020/by tac

The Harmonious Center By Ciro Festa

Lessons from Dante Alighieri on how we can seek moderation and balance in a time of fearful uncertainty.
May 15, 2020/by tac

“He Is Not Here, for He Is Risen”: Thoughts on the Current Pandemic in the Light of Easter by Jordan M. Miller

Images on a screen, the sound of a voice digitized in one place and re-constituted somewhere else, can never pretend to replace the human person, standing there, alive.
May 15, 2020/by tac

Camus’s The Plague and Our Coronavirus by Patrick Henry

What brings us back to Camus’s novel during our current pandemic is the simple, ordinary morality that he delineates throughout the text. There is no heroism here, just ordinary people behaving in a decent manner.
May 15, 2020/by tac

The Sacrament of Personal Responsibility by Ed Burns

Maybe the issue of living out our Christian lives is not the matter of having power and control over the events of our lives and our institutions. Maybe the issue is rather the matter of having fidelity to our convictions, and a willingness to assume personal responsibility for living out these convictions.
May 15, 2020/by tac

Editorial: Extending the Boundaries: Tomáš Halík and the Post-Covid Church

Tomáš Halík imagines a future for the church on the other side of Covid-19—a future that is not built on unattainable ideals, but that rises out of the real needs of people confronting a dramatic irruption.
May 15, 2020/by tac

Women and Power in Catholic Ministry by John Wijngaards

In a church context, the supreme power of love is Christ’s power brought to us through the eucharist and the other sacraments. May we deny people that power because ancient prejudice judged women unfit to channel it?
April 8, 2020/by tac

The Nun Who Stopped Riots on the Streets of Belfast by Michael Ford

A profile of a tireless peacemaker. “I would like to be on the same wavelength with everybody, finding unity with every human being and, above all, unity with God.”
April 8, 2020/by tac

Faith in a Time of Chaos by Deacon Thom Crowe

Practical wisdom for ways to grow in faith during this global pandemic.
April 8, 2020/by tac

God, Adam, Eve, and Us by Fr. Bob Bonnot

The Speaker needs the articulation provided by Word, and the Word needs the energy of the Wind to become real, embodied, incarnate. That energy is Love.
April 8, 2020/by tac

People-Watching on the Bus: A Report from Hawaii by Gene Ciarlo

A dispatch from the "fantastic study in human diversity" that is Honolulu, Hawaii.
April 8, 2020/by tac

Editorial: Our Collective Fragility

However we choose to modify our behavior in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, it will be rooted in a new understanding of our interdependence.
April 8, 2020/by tac

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